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Sep 6 Warpaint Know How to Mix Rock with Vintage Fashion!

Coupled with their indie credentials, their vast vintage wardrobes and enviable bone structures, the band have been targeted with the same fash-pack fan fervour normally reserved for icons such as Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins.

Dec 3 You Have to Love Alexa Chung and Her Vintage Bag!

Oct 14 Only Collectors and Dealers Need to Worry About Authentication. The Rest of Us Just Need to Look Great!

I don’t know about you but I can’t pay what collectors and dealers are willing to pay. So, the only thing I worry about is the price, and if I’ll look fashionable carrying the Vintage Bag Technorati Tags: Vintage, vintage bag, Vintage Bags, Vintage Handbags, Vintage Womens

Sep 3 Customize Your Vintage Bag!

I customized my vintage bag. In the fast pace fashion of today, an accessory like a vintage bag can give us women the finishing touch to our outfit.  I customized my vintage bag. I needed just that…the finishing touch.  A vintage bag as my accessory.  Not just any vintage bag.  The “perfect” vintage bag. I discovered my “perfect” […]

Aug 21  Vintage Bag – Fashion Statement and Great Value

    Fashion trends come and go. And I have discovered that a vintage bag can make all the difference. I have a hard time keeping up with the trends. But, I’m always interested. I love be fashionably dressed. Looking my best boosts my confidence, and energizes my spirits. So, I watch what people are […]