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Aug 17 Alexa Chung in Chanel – Again!

Alexa Chung wearing Chanel at the Chanel A/W10show during Paris Fashion Week.

Dec 3 You Have to Love Alexa Chung and Her Vintage Bag!

Sep 3 Customize Your Vintage Bag!

I customized my vintage bag. In the fast pace fashion of today, an accessory like a vintage bag can give us women the finishing touch to our outfit.  I customized my vintage bag. I needed just that…the finishing touch.  A vintage bag as my accessory.  Not just any vintage bag.  The “perfect” vintage bag. I discovered my “perfect” […]

Aug 28 How to Tell if Your Vintage Bag is Authentic.

Here is a video clip, thanks to Christie’s and TimesOnline, that gives some advice on how to tell if your Vintage Bag is authentic.     Next time we’ll consider whether anybody cares and if so who. Technorati Tags: vintage bag, Vintage Bags, Vintage Handbags, Vintage Womens

Aug 24 Look who’s into Vintage Bags

I really like the vintage styles that celebrity Alexa Chung is always wearing.     Check out that bag!   Tori Joe